Oct 24, 2020 • 1HR 2M

Culture of Christ Podcast - Episode 1 - My Big white Lie with John-Mark Hack

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Culture of Christ
Bringing the Love of Christ to an increasingly polarized world to help us all to Love God and Love Our Neighbors as Ourselves.
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John-Mark Hack, a white Christian from Louisville, KY discusses a piece he wrote for Culture of Christ with podcast co-hosts Andre Kimo Stone Guess and John X. Miller. The piece is about coming to terms with how the lie of white supremacy has influenced him over the course of his life.

“The only way by which the truth of Jesus’s unconditional love prevails in my life is the elimination of lies. ... Rigorous honesty, open-mindedness and willingness are my guides forward. .. I have to be rigorously honest in assessing the ways I allow the big White lie to influence me.”

In the piece he uses the term #TheBigwhiteLie to describe white supremacy.