Giving Thanks - Carl Allen with Christie Dashiell

Giving Thanks - Carl Allen with Christie Dashiell

This week's selection is an original composition Giving Thanks written by drummer, bandleader and composer Carl Allen with lyrics by Christie Dashiell.

Allen recalls the time when he penned his song of praise.

"Giving Thanks is a song that I wrote to just say THANK YOU. A few years ago I was in a contemplative space and having to come to grips with some real life issues. On the surface it would have appeared to have been a dark place that I was in but as a Christian I knew that God had not brought me this far to leave me. Once I fully understood that in order to move forward and grow I had to acknowledge who I was in Christ and just be thankful. Sometimes when things happen we have to choose to either go through them or grow through them. I choose the latter. Thus, we have GIVING THANKS".

The personnel is as follows: Christie Dashiell - Vocals, Rodney Jones - Guitar, Xavier Davis - Piano, Phil Kuehn - Bass and Carl Allen - Drums

May it bless your spirit as you begin your week.

With all I am

And all my heart

Giving thanks for all you’ve done

And all your are

For every breath

And every door

How my heart my heart is filled with thanks

Forever more

As I reflect over life

And the trials it surely brings you

I am reminded of your grace and your love

So now I give

This all to you

My biggest offering of love

And gratitude